Commercial Services by WhiterockWhite Rock has extensive and thorough knowledge of the commercial property industry. We develop sale packages to enable current property to be sold, work with vendor and buyers for property sales and overcome seemingly insurmountable property issues. Our innovative approach gets results where other vendors simply fail to see the bigger picture.

Design and build expertise, coupled with careful analysis of owner/vendor requirements provides White Rock customers with unparalleled clarity when resolving matters associated with all aspects of property development and construction.

Overcoming barriers to efficient business practice.
Whether through inefficient cashflow, management or inclement trading conditions, most clients at some time are faced with financial hurdles and difficulties. In this event it is vital that forward thinking and strong practical solutions are developed and implemented.

Overcoming Financial Problems
Nobody wants to see a business fail, especially when there are so many routes to funding available. IVA’s, CVA, bankruptcy and liquidation are not always the best course to take. White Rock offer expert guidance in the matter of refinancing and equity release. Most importantly White Rock are prepared to dig beneath the surface, to explore all avenues and lend a sympathetic ear when you feel that the world around you isn’t listening.